What Do Colours Meant In Flower Language?

Each A Plant, 26 July 2018

When you see a flower, what is the first thing you notice? Is it its size? Its shape? Its scent? Or perhaps, its colour?

In fact, colour is one of the important factors when it comes to choosing a perfect bouquet. One stunning bouquet tells tales of love and devotion, while another is like a soft pat on the hand during a time of bereavement. Next time when you wish to send someone flowers, notice the colours and think of the message before making the order.


Vibrant and passionate. Often, red colour is associated with feelings of true love and romance. Red flowers also symbolise courage, respect, admiration and desire. An all-time favourite flower available in red is rose. Other popular flowers like tulips and carnations are also widely available in red colour.


Yellow, primarily represents bundle of happiness and joy. It is also an ideal colour to symbolise bonds of friendship, the taste of success and pride. With their vibrant and upbeat personality, yellow flowers can be used to brighten up someone' day and increase positive vibes in the room. Sunflowers, daises and tulips are great choices for yellow flowers.


Like red flowers, delicate pink hues also convey the message of love. It is also commonly known for gentleness, happiness and femininity. That's why pink colour is among the popular choices for flowers in Mother's Day bouquets. Pink colour is commonly found in flowers such as roses, carnations and hydrangeas. 


Soothing blue is said to symbolise serenity, openness and peace. A bouquet containing blue flowers convey the feelings of relaxation and release of any tensions or stress. Some blue flowers which are commonly recognised are hydrangeas, morning glories and larkspurs.


White is a colour which you will find in most bridal bouquets or during memorial services. White flowers represent a range from purity and innocence to sympathy for a bereavement. Flowers such as orchids, daises, carnations and roses are recommended to relay these messages.


Purple, a colour which symbolise royalty. Feelings of success and tradition may also come through in purple flowers. A bouquet which contain purple flowers can also send the message of admiration and adoration. Iris and bellflowers are some adoring purple flowers which come to mind.


Lavender and purple may seems similar in appearance but they hold different meanings. Lavender colour depicts youth and elegance, grace and refinement. Flowers such as daisies, orchids and lilacs are often available in lavender colour. 


Like nature, green flowers are associated with renewal of spring and youthfulness. A bouquet filled with green flowers depicts good health and good fortune. Button flowers and orchids are the ideal flowers to look for if you wish to send well wishes to someone.


As the colour itself depicts, orange is bright, bold and passionate. Orange blooms are great choices to convey feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Some of the popular flowers available in orange include lilies, tulips and marigolds.

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