5 Reasons To Keep
Fresh Flowers
At Home

Each A Plant, 8 September 2018

Most people love the sight of fresh flowers although not many take the time to keep flowers at home on a regular basis. However, there is more to just their aesthetic aspect. Research has shown that flowers have greater benefits for humans than just their adoring appearance.

We will look at 5 reasons why you should keep fresh flowers at home.


Flowers, the beauty of mother nature. Who could resist it? Their adoring nature could make great decoration for your home, pulling together your personal style for different seasons around the year. Flowers can easily take the place of boring table décor. Bright floral arrangements can lift the vibes of your living space and give it the feeling of being lively and vibrant. Flowers are great compliment for new households, they help to shape and create highlights for the internal look of your house. In addition, different shapes, sizes and colours of flowers make them flexible to decorate for each season.


We are all certain that fresh flowers give out wonderful scent that improve the smell in a room. They are way more powerful and effective than air fresheners. Besides, there are many flowering plants which make good air filters and purify air in the room. Chrysanthemun Morifolium, Anthurium Andraeanum and Gerbera Jamesonii are great plants to keep for cleansing the air of toxins that have negative effect to your health. In addition, aroma therapeutic flowers such as roses and lavenders give off sweet scent which help improve one's mood and maintain a relaxed atmosphere.


Who doesn't like beautiful things? Imagine the joy and happiness when you receive a bouquet of flowers. Flowers always mean something different to each individual for different reasons. To some it could simply be their favourite type of flower, to others it could bring back an intriguing piece of memory. So, pick flowers you adore and place them at home. They can improve your mood, energy or even brings back wonderful memories.


We often hunt for that special art piece, handicraft or ornament to spice up the mood and feel of our room. Why not incorporate flowers into our decoration? Flowers availability are very much dependent on season and precisely so, we could add different types of flowers to our home décor for each season. It is definitely more exciting to see variation of style which flowers can bring to our home rather than the same old piece of ornament all round. In addition, putting together flower arrangements foster our creativity from choosing the type of flowers to their colour, to their style and matching them with design of the room. 


You need good concentration to focus on anything. Feeling relax, calm and peaceful are factors that contribute to good focus in what you are doing. Placing fresh flowers in your home or office is a good choice if you need to set your mind to focus on doing something. Not only do they bring about positive psychological effect, flowers have physiological effects on humans too. Lavender is one of the best known anxiety fighters. Jasmine helps to improve sleep quality and Chrysanthemum can combat high blood pressure. Anything that improve your state of mind have positive benefit to the body. Put some flowers on your desk today, experience boost of productivity and the health benefits they bring you.


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