Choose The Right Flowers
For Different Occasions

Each A Plant, 28 July 2018

Dress to the occasion. An expression we often hear when it comes to choosing an appropriate outfit for different occasions. Like outfits, flowers are commonly presented as gift for different occasions.

With so many different types of flowers in the market, picking the right one for your next occasion can be a difficult choice to make. Nevertheless, flowers are still one of the best gifts to express emotions and message to your recipient. Let's find out which are some of the popular flowers to get for different occasions.


Most brides may already have in mind the flowers they preferred for their big day. So it could be practically any flowers. Otherwise, it is good to keep an open mind and choose flowers according to the season. Seasonal flowers are great options as they best bloom during the time of the wedding. For spring, pale, delicate flowers such as peony, cherry blossom or peach blossom may work better. Summer flowers should be bright and vibrant. Consider yellow, gold or pink roses or sunflowers for great representation of summer. Dark, rich coloured flowers would work well for autumn; gold roses or lilies make good choices. Winter blooms include orchids and pansies - these flowers are great combination of rich colours in autumn and the pale colours of spring.


Surprise her, with her favourite flowers of course! If she do not have a favourite bloom, seasonal flowers are the best bet. Most flowers are suitable for this occasion; some popular flower choices include roses, daisies and tulips. Options include combining with gourmet or fruit baskets. If the flowers are meant as gifts for family or friends on their anniversary date, choose something that fits their personalities. Likewise, you can consider to choose daisy to mark five-year anniversary while the ten-year anniversary could call for a daffodil. And iris is a perfect choice for a 25-year anniversary.


Any flowers bright and colourful are appropriate. If you know the person well, choose flowers to his/her liking or a flower which signifies friendship and happiness. Any yellow flowers such as sunflowers, tulips and lilies are perfect for birthday. For a significant other, you may consider roses, red carnations or daisies. If you do not know the person well, then multi-colour bouquets are a great choice for gift. 


This definitely differs for each individual based on their preference. The golden rule is to choose flowers with bright colours or multi-colour bouquets. A bunch of lilies with different colours, combination of red, yellow and blue would look wonderful. If not, get something outstanding such as orchids. Do remember to top it off with a little graduation plush.


Roses is definitely the top choice for valentines! Usually available in various shades of red for love, pink for elegance and white for purity. For newer relationship, you may consider purple roses which signify enchantment in budding couple. However, if your partner is not fascinated about roses, pink tulips are the perfect choice for substitute. 


An important note is to know where the person whom you are sending flowers to is located at. If the recipient is resting in the hospital, the flowers you choose should not have too strong of a fragrance. Roses, tulips and lilies are some good allegry-friendly flowers that you can consider to send. Choose bright and vibrant colours like yellow, light blue or white will be good choices to brighten up his/her day. 


When paying tribute to a recently deceased family or friend, flower arrangement stand are quite common. Vase arrangement can also be done for this occasion. Chrysanthemums, lilies and white carnations are some choices to consider. Lighter shades of colours are usually chosen for funeral flowers as they radiate peace and calmness.


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